A Stable Pair

In honor of the new year, we thought we'd start a new tradition. We couldn't exist without the support of our amazing volunteers. We want to say thanks in a BIG way to each of our volunteers who change the lives of the children we serve! Meet our first "Volunteer of the Month," Kathleen. Kathleen was interested in volunteering with foster and adopted children and attended our first volunteer orientation. At the orientation, she met our director Rebecca Miller and learned about the program and the children we serve. "Volunteering helps others, but it also helps me live a more meaningful life," Kathleen said. "After attending the volunteer information session, hearing about the program and stories from foster parents/children working with horses, I felt this program was a great fit." participant, horse, volunteer, stable momentsKathleen was inspired to become a positive force for children with a trauma background, and she does every week. The child she works with, Shane, has a history with trauma. He was adopted three years ago with his biological brother, and his adoptive family was looking for an alternative therapeutic program for him. Shane is typically a dysregulated child; with his history in foster care and a lack of consistency in his young life, Shane thrives on a stable routine. When Shane's adoptive family embarked on the journey to find an alternative therapeutic program, his mother specifically searched for a program incorporating animals because Shane's connection with animals was evident.  "Shane was obsessed with horses and had loaned every horse book from the school library,"  his mother told us. Since joining the program, "Shane has been calmer and more regulated at home. Stable Moments gives him something to look forward to throughout the week."
"Helping other people makes me happy. It makes all of my time and effort worthwhile to see Shane smile and know I'm making a difference in his life." - Kathleen B. 
stability between child and volunteerVolunteers at Stable Moments really do brighten the world for the child they work with. Each child's life they touch changes, simply due to the time invested in the child. Looking back, Kathleen says their first night at Stable Moments was a transition for Shane. "Seeing him with a smile on his face and come running into my arms for a hug and saying 'I knew you would be here' warmed my heart and made me realize my time and efforts are worthwhile.  Shane is calmer each week we work together."  DSC_0456   Shane's mom appreciates the respite that Stable Moments is for herself and her other adopted children. "The boys and I feel at home here, understood and accepted.  It is so valuable that the staff has knowledge of and understands foster and adoptive children's trauma and struggles." We are so grateful we can provide this sanctuary for our participants and our families. We owe our thanks to our wonderful volunteers, like Kathleen.


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